DAN AYKROYD, Elwood Blues – The Blues Brothers :
Fabrizio Poggi is a terrific italian harmonica player

Shaun Monument May – World of Harmonica
Fabrizio is a multi talented musician, a man who lives, walks, talks, and is the blues.
Fabrizio is a star player, one of a handful of the very best, who not only plays A1+ harmonica, but writes great lyrics, and sings very nice to, coupled with so much meaningful expression, and tone. I love this Artist, truly, and certainly is one of a handful of today’s living harmonica Legends.

Blues Wax: “…What struck me immediately about the disc was the sincerity in the renditions of a number of covers that make up most of the recording. Poggi is an extremely talented harp player, not only for his musical ability, but for knowing how to hold back. More often than not the tunes are a comfortable blend of guitar, vocals, and harmonica where Poggi’s unassuming approach really shines…”

“…With Mercy, Fabrizio Poggi and Chicken Mambo show an impressively deep understanding of Gospel Blues, both in form and content. While they infuse these tunes with a unique sound and sentiment, it’s all built on African-American Spirituals and traditional Blues. Most of the tunes feature extra guests and those guests seem to fit right into the band. A couple of numbers feature Garth Hudson and Ponty Bone’s accordion fills out a couple as well… Two things strike me here: First, the sincerity of the delivery – it’s clear that these guys aren’t simply working the American Blues shtick to sell records. The performances are powerful and moving. They stay close to
the heart of the songs, even when they veer away from the form. Second, they seem to have mastered the form enough that they can veer away from it…”.

“Sunshine” Sonny Payne” host of the legendary King Biscuit Time KFFA Radio, Helena Arkansas
“Here in the deep south of America, it’s often been said a white man cannot sing or play the black man’s blues. After hearing the new cd “The breath of soul” with Fabrizio Poggi, someone, somewhere got their stories mixed up. I have played the blues for 56 years, and the “The breath of soul” cd is the finest I’ve ever heard by a white group. My point is, you don’t have to come to America to hear the blues, because you have it right there in Italy. These guys are for real”.

Blues Revue says: “Poggi is a terrific harp player and a good singer whose own songs match up well with the covers, and the band is tight and tasteful…”.

Easy Reeding (Official Hohner Magazine) says: “ … a great CD that certainly crosses geographical and cultural boundaries…”.

Real blues says: “Fabrizio Poggi is a good harmonicist and a great vocalist as demonstrated on this album…And as for Chicken Mambo it is safe to say that it is one of the tightest little bands I’ve heard in a long time, very much in synch with vocals, rhythm, displaying all the class that a great backup band should…

Harmonica World says: “A great band of traditional and original sounds…The sound of musicians having fun playing the music they love…”

Blue Suede News says: “Good stuff…”

Blues Access says: “Poggi’s eclectic tastes grow on you with each listen…”

Soul bag(French musical magazine) says: “A joyful and interesting record…Fabrizio Poggi is a good harmonica player and singer…”

Stand by me (English “stand by me” club newsletter) says: “…In this record we can find with pleasure a personal, extended and well arranged version of our beloved song… Fabrizio Poggi is a fine harmonica player and a really good singer…”.

Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records says:
“These guys are really good! The musicianship is strong and the playing and arrangements are very tasteful… my very sincere compliments to the band for the fine CD and their originality of vision…and believe me when I say I am not usually generous with compliments like this…”

David Goodman- Modern Twangsays: “Great sound, great music, great supporting cast, and fine harmonica and accordion: what more could anyone ask for?”.

Jan Janssen – Real Roots Cafè- Holland says: “…an album absolutely extraordinary, in brief, music with feeling…”.

“Roots Town Music Magazine – Belgium” says: “…A perfect soundtrack for a road movie…”.

”Folk Roots” – England”says: “…Fabrizio and his Chicken Mambo men certainly have spirit for american music, call it grade A Chicken Mambo ..”.

Local Flavor, Austin Texas says: “This is a beautiful cd”.

Marc Bristol of “Blue Suede News Magazine” says: “…songs performed nicely…”

Buscadero (italian musical magazine) says: “… a cd exuberant and sincere…”

Corriere Della Sera (italian national publication) says: “The band provides fun with a strong taste of Tabasco and blues”.

La Repubblica (italian national publication) says: “ The dynamic Fabrizio Poggi gives us his original interpretation of Professor Longhair and Slim Harpo”.

Art Tipaldi (Blues Revue)
It is a very beautiful record of deep spirit.

Rob Paparozzi says: “Spirit & Freedom is amazing, I mean it, you have a MASTERPIECE here, I am listening to it now and it has been in the CD player all week and I will NOT take it out!”

Charlie Musselwhite says: “What a beautiful work of art Spirit & Freedom is. I love the way sacred music and blues go together so nicely. This is a lovely album. Thank you for putting these sounds into this world”.

Sari & Eric Bibb say: “We wanted to let you know that we’ve received your wonderful cd Spirit & Freedom and are very happy to be a part of it!”

Flaco Jimenez: says: “Spirit & Freedom is an awesome cd!”

Richard Thompson says: “Great harmonica playing!!!”.

Zachary Richard says: “ Fabrizio Poggi is one of my favourite harmonica player!”.

Garth and Maud Hudson
A fantastic album … Lovely. Great arrangements.
It was an honour to participate and to share in a song with you.
It is always a thrill to work with you.

Guy Davis
A great cd!

Tish Hinojosa
Spirit & Freedom is a wonderful cd and the songs you chose and all the stories you tell in the cd book are so touching and thoughtful. Bravo!

Billy Joe Shaver
Very well done!

Mickey Raphael
Sounds great!

Donnie Price
I am speechless…!!!! This record has surpassed all expectations… Bravo, bravo from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Fabrizio Poggi (with and without Chicken Mambo behind him) does so much more than simply co-opt the form, but really grasps the essence of the blues.

Marcia Ball
Thanks Angelina and Fabrizio for keeping the blues alive

Sunshine Sonny Payne King Biscuit Time Radio Show – Helena, Arkansas
“…I just received your new CD today and I think it’s just great. I love it.
For a moment I thought all of the Blues artists here in the Delta have moved to Italy. I really can’t tell the difference. It’s the real McCoy…”.

Harpway 61 is a first class work for all involved.

It is a very special album.

Of all those gorgeous songs, for some reason, I think Koscuisko sounds the very best.
Thank you for the honor. Great cover too. Very well done. Bravo.

Thank you Fabrizio for dedicating the song Tunica,Ms to me! Interesting concept for the CD.
Nice work.