Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi performing at the 2018 Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN – Photo by Laura Carbone

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi performing at the 2018 Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN – Photo by Laura Carbone Photo by Marilyn Stringer

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi performing at the 2018 Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN

The Blasters & Fabrizio Poggi – Phil Alvin and Keith Wyatt

Larry Campbell & Fabrizio Poggi

Blind Boys of Alabama @ Cully Jazz Festival Christophe Losberger –

Blind Boys of Alabama @ Cully Jazz Festival Christophe Losberger –

Sonny Landreth & Fabrizio Poggi Photo by Mauro Regis

Sonny Landreth & Fabrizio Poggi Photo by Mauro Regis



Thanks to Paolo Botta from 25INCHME for this beautiful gift. Please note that the mini Poggi, 25 inches, has also an harmonica in his pocket.
And he also thinks that: if you don’t like the blues you have a hole in your soul!

With Guy Davis and Keb Mo

With Elvin Bishop

With The Blind Boys of Alabama

Barbara Blue, Thom Wolke, Scott Sharrad (Greg Allman ) & Angelina

With Josh Tatofi Grammy Nominee

With member of the Recording Academy and producer of JAY Z

February 9th, 2018
Angelina and I are very very sad to know that Sonny Payne left this world. His “King Biscuit Time” was (quoting Bill Wax ) the longest running radio show host in the world and a huge presence in the Blues. He was like a father for us. We shared a lot of stories and he always aired my music. Since the first time we met in Helena, AR, in 2005, we became very close friends. We started to call him here from Italy every sunday since 13 years. He treated me and Angelina like family. On the phone he always called me little brother. We went to visit him many times. In the last months when Angelina called him asking “How are you Sonny” he always answered: “I’m ok, but I will be better soon. I’ve to go to work”. And also: “Will you come to Helena this year? I would like to see you guys”. We were so pleased to be guests at his home in 2014 for a week. We talked a lot about a lot of stories and music. He was one of a kind. I will always remember the night that me, Sonny and James Cotton stayed in the KBBF backstage talking about Sonny Boy Williamson and the blues. Sonny you left us a lot of stories to tell and a lot of love. You were sick but always strong. I never know someone strongest than you. This picture was taken some years ago at his home. Tomorrow we will miss our sunday phone call. RIP ❤

Con Paolo Pasi RAI3

Guy Davis, Fabrizio Poggi and Angelina are proud to announce that “Sonny & Brownie’s last train” is 2018 GRAMMY AWARDS NOMINEE as BEST TRADITIONAL BLUES ALBUM! GRAMMY AWARDS 2018: Migration Blues – Eric Bibb Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio -Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio Roll And Tumble – R.L. Boyce Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train – Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi Blue & Lonesome – The Rolling Stones

Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi DOWNBEAT “best” albums of 2017


Among the greats! It’s always amazing.


My first vinyl as a musician. I’m very very happy.

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Fabrizio Poggi & Jim Lauderdale

Fabrizio Poggi & Jim Lauderdale

Fabrizio Poggi & Jimmy Tackery

Jimmy Tackery

Fabrizio Poggi & Mr. Leon Blue

Leon Blue

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SONNY & BROWNIE’S LAST TRAIN the new Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi #NUMBER ONE on ROOTS MUSIC REPORT TOP 50 acoustic blues albums chart!!!

numero uno

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